My Daughter, Ava, has danced with JCEDA since she was 4 yrs old.She began with the little Jewel competitive teamat just 5 yrs old and is still a competitive dancer today, at age 12.  Through the years her love and passion for dance has been nurtured and supported by Julie and her staff. Ava started out as a young, and somewhat shy, child who struggled a bit with memorizing choreography but always lit up the stage and loved to dance.Through the years, Julie continued to encourage her and always believed in her ability to go further. Julie gave us tips on how to improve her memorization, and was always welcome to open communicationand providing feedback to help her grow as a dancer. By age 10 Ava was blessed to win her first dance down in Seattle against over 100 kids her age. That was just the beginning of many successful and amazing dance moments to come for Ava. Ultimately, she has had to work very hard to be where she is. But she couldn't have done it without the guidance and support of Julie. Proud to be with JCEDA!

Laura Garr, April 2018

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NEW Instructors to JCEDA-
Ballet with Miss Darla Stephens
Hip Hop with Kevin Udmann
Hip Hop,Cheer, and Jazz with Amanda Belote
Kids Combo and Hip Hop with Courtney Himebaugh
Ballet and Contemporary with Miss NaiKia Yule
Class are fun with all of Our Teachers including Director Julie Secrest
Co-director Miss Ashlee Pruczinski
and Gymnastics With coach Michael Freeman!

REGISTERATION for Fall going on NOW!

We have a class for you!
Whether you are looking for a dance class to get the wiggles out or you want to become a serious dancer we have a class for you!  

Fall registration starts AUGUST 1st- register between august 1st and August 10th and receive our 17th annual t-shirt!

Fall Classes Start Tuesday,
September 4th

Want to try a class

Congrats to Our Dancers for doing an absolute Amazing job at dance nationals in Disneyland!!

We always offer a trial class free so you can see what you like!

Classes in Gymnastics, Cheer, Jazz, hip hop, Tap/Ballet, Combos, Adult Hip Hop! Call 483-4145 to pre-register today! Classes are limited and filling up fast!
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